no matter your situation, we have portfolio options for you. 

Our Focus Directive Portfolios help us help you better.  Because your lifestyle and needs are unique, we developed Focus Directive Portfolios that encompass a wide range of investment strategies that all fit within our approach to financial planning.  Your WBWP advisor can help determine which model is right for you based on your financial roadmap, or yellow brick road as we fondly call it! 

View this brochure to learn about investment time horizons and models that we've included in these Focus Directive Portfolios.  If you'd like to meet with one of our advisors to discuss this, please schedule a 15 minute phone call through our scheduling service so we can determine the best next step for you.  


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Here are several of the wealth management issues we help with: 

  1. Investment Management
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Risk Management
  4. Estate Planning
  5. Education Planning
  6. Business Succession Planning

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